The Team

Stefano Caliguiri

Lead Chairperson

Stefano is the Food Safety Sanitation Manager for Excalibur and Luxor where he began as a Room Chef in 2000. He is responsible for training all Food & Beverage employees and our partners’ employees in food safety, conducting inspections of all Food & Beverage outlets, working with Stewards and Property Operations to maintain sanitation and cleanliness standards, and acting as liaison to Southern Nevada Health District.

Stefano’s accomplishments at Luxor include his work on the new Luxor Evaluation Plan and creating a sub-committee for hazard analysis inside the regular Safety Committee. Stefano is lead chairperson for the Nevada Food Safety Task Force, and is also a member of Infragard, a special committee inside the FBI.

Stefano is trained in Bio-Protection, Hazmat, OSHA General Industry Safety & Health, Fall Protection, SQF, Food Safety, and the Trap Wire Terrorist Pre-Attack Operations Course. He is also certified in Respiratory Train the Trainer and ServSafe, as well as being a certified ServSafe proctor. He is a member of the International Association of Food Safety Professionals.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Stefano and his wife Jennifer have a son, Anthony, age 35 and 3 grandkids. Stefano loves the beach and water sports, as well as football, basketball, and baseball, all of which he has also spent time coaching. He also enjoys creating new dishes at home and investing.

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Tory Rich, MPH, REHS


Ms. Rich has been with the Southern Nevada Health District for 5 years. She is currently assigned to the Specialized Food Office and conducts regulatory inspections for food trucks, special events, dietary supplement manufacturers, water bottling plants, water stores, federally inspected food processing facilities, and farmers markets. Previously, Ms. Rich was assigned to the Strip Office in the Food Operations Division and was responsible for conducting inspections of food establishments in Las Vegas, including Las Vegas Strip properties. She is a Core Trainer for newly hired Environmental Health Specialists and is also a lead for the RFFM NACCHO Mentorship Cohort 2 assisting other jurisdictions with meeting in Retail Program Standards.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Microbiology and a Master’s in Public Health both completed at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Prior to her work in Environmental Health, Ms. Rich worked in the dental field as an office manager and in the timeshare industry as a deeding supervisor. When she is not working, Tory enjoys the outdoors, playing the flute, reading, and being active in her church community.

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Ellen Kunz, REHS


Ellen Kunz is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) who has been working for the State of Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Environmental Health Section for 11 years. She lives and work out of Winnemucca, Nevada allowing her to practice a wide-variety of environmental health work.

She has experience regulating and inspecting restaurants, food manufacturers, and special temporary events like Burning Man, as well as experience reviewing HACCP plans and water tests, inspecting swimming pools and spas, septic pumpers, potable water haulers, motels, jails, schools, and even completing construction plan reviews for each of these programs.

She was elected to the NFSTF Board in February 2020. Ellen serves as the Regulatory Chair and shares her knowledge of State food laws and regulations. Since joining the Board, she has assisted the Board with the implementation of the bylaws and conference planning.

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Mark P. Buttner, PhD.

Academic Chair

Dr. Buttner is a Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, School of Public Health, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).  Currently, he is the Associate Director of the UNLV Public Health Laboratory, the Director of the Pollen Monitoring Laboratory and Co-Director of the Emerging Diseases Laboratory at UNLV.  His research is focused on sampling and analysis of airborne microorganisms, with emphasis on enhanced detection methods of airborne and surface-associated microorganisms that are potential human health risks in indoor environments.  Dr. Buttner also conducts research involving detection of antimicrobial resistant microorganisms and prevention of healthcare-associated infections.  He has taught several graduate level courses including “Transmission of Infectious Diseases”, “Airborne Pathogens and Public Health”, and “Fundamentals of Environmental Health”.

Jon Aneson

Retail Chair

Mr. Aneson holds a Business Management degree from Rutgers University. He is the current President & CEO of Sea Hawk Safety, LLC where he develops food safety solutions for the foodservice industry. He is also the Director of The Maximilian Foundation, an opioid prevention organization that links youth to food safety and management training as well as job placement in the Ocean County, NJ area. Additionally, he works as a designer helping to build restaurants along the East Coast, from Florida to New York…For Jon’s full resume Click Here.

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