About Us

Who We Are

The Nevada Food Safety Task Force (NFSTF) is a collaborative nonprofit organization that strives to enhance food safety from the farm-to-the-fork and enhance public awareness of the importance of food safety through trainings and outreach. We provide food safety resources, education, and outreach for chefs and restaurateurs in the retail food industry, food manufacturers, regulatory environmental health specialists, and academia located in Nevada and throughout the United States. The NFSTF and its members are comprised of a diverse group of leaders ranging from small to large food establishments, local and state regulatory authorities, manufacturing specialists, various consumer groups, and concerned individuals. The NFSTF centers its mission on the underlying belief that food safety affects us all and in order to build and sustain a safe food system, diverse collaboration is needed. We invite you to join us!


Where It All Began

The NFSTF began in 2002 with fourteen hard-working members and, over the years, has grown tremendously throughout the nation. The Task Force continues to be a leader in food safety training and support, community engagement, and environmental health conferences with an emphasis on food safety.

To date, we have assisted in reviewing and revising various regulations for our State. In previous years, we partnered with the FDA and other health agencies to conduct joint inspections and share resource inventories. In addition, we have created and provided promotional materials for food safety, such as handwashing handouts, food safety pamphlets, and thermometers to be distributed to food operators in Las Vegas. We have also distributed scholarship funds to students in the community.

The NFSTF works alongside the Nevada Environmental Health Association to co-host an annual Food Safety Conference where participants from all areas of food safety come together to learn, share up-to-date concerns, and share knowledge and solutions to enhance food safety and environmental health in the ever-changing world in which we live.

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