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Opportunities & Benefits

Members of the Nevada Food Safety Task Force enjoy opportunities and benefits such as the:

  • Ability to enhance and contribute to food safety in Nevada
  • Priority attendance at the regional conference
  • Access to manufacturing and processing tours
  • Networking opportunities with industry, regulatory, academic, and manufacturing professionals
  • Access to the showcasing of new products and technology at annual conferences
  • Involvement in community outreach such as scholarships and food safety training
  • Input into the organization’s projects and goals
  • Priority in the development and distribution of promotional materials

Becoming a member is easy. Simply fill out the online form to be added to our mailing list and begin attending our meetings. We welcome professionals from a variety of fields that emphasize food safety. The input our members provide is invaluable to the continued growth of our organization; therefore, we invite you to join and journey with us in promoting food safety in Nevada.

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